My time as an Apprentice at Hertzian

As the year comes to a close, we've asked one of our talented Software Engineers to share her thoughts on what it's like to be an Apprentice at Hertzian.

Why I applied to be an Apprentice at Hertzian

I knew I wanted to apply for an apprenticeship at Hertzian after researching what they do on their website and discussing the position face-to-face with two directors in a local café. I hold a deep interest in emerging technologies within the IT industry and Hertzian work at the core of that, developing new Artificial Intelligence tools for a range of industries from gaming to healthcare. I knew my work at Hertzian would not only be helpful to the company but also to real world users – an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

My roles and responsibilities

During my first few months as an apprentice, I built up a basic skill set with the help of my mentors who were patient and eager to help. As I became more confident I was encouraged to stretch myself and try new/more complex development such as building a web scraper for data warehousing or researching and implementing methods of natural language processing. As I am nearing the end of my apprenticeship I have become a key member in developing Hertzian products, I now work on the same level as my mentors and might even help them with the odd bug!

Whilst working at Hertzian I’ve been able to enjoy company get-togethers e.g. Christmas dinner, celebration lunches and even laser tag as well as staying up to date with tech and gaming news from regular office discussions.

How it changed my experience

I left college with no real experience of the software industry and worrying how I was going to change that – especially in Cornwall and as a female in a predominantly male field. I wasn’t sure of exactly what to expect so I started at Hertzian with an open mind. Whilst there I participated in meetings, morning stand-ups, used a range of tools and project management software. I occasionally pair programmed, used Skype calls to work with one of my mentors and regularly tested code and fixed bugs. These roles (and more) built up my experience and skillset as a professional software developer and helped me to understand the role, therefore giving me the confidence to know this is the career I want.

What I want to do next

After completing a 12-month apprenticeship at Hertzian I plan to pursue higher education starting a degree in Computer Science with an industrial placement year – during which I hope to return to Hertzian to apply my new skill set and aid in growing the tech industry in Cornwall.

Lasting thoughts of Hertzian

The company operates a comfortable environment with friendly people and has set a good standard for equality in the workplace. I can’t think of a single project I’ve worked on and not enjoyed. Thanks to Hertzian I’ve decided I want to specialise in artificial intelligence and I think the company holds a very promising future.

Want to Apply?

To find out how to become an Apprentice at Hertzian, check out our open vacancies.

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