10 Things We Did in 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for Hertzian and when it came to writing a recap of our year, we found we had way too much to write about so instead we’ve chosen 10 highlights from the last 12 months.

1. Collected and processed over 23 million pieces of feedback

As a company built on the back of data, this year has seen us dramatically increase the amount of customer & staff feedback being passed through our platform. This data allows us to drive innovation and improve our existing systems whilst also offering highly powerful insights to our customers. The Hertzian platform is currently processing a new piece of feedback every 1.37 seconds.

2. Helping the next wave of Entrepreneurs at Falmouth University

It’s always been our aim to pass on our knowledge and experience and we were able to do that in a major way this year by mentoring and supporting the startups coming through Falmouth Universities Launchpad programme. Seeing the various teams change throughout the year reminded us greatly of our time in the programme and we’re extremely excited to see where each team goes next. To learn more about the new companies, head here.

3. Growing Cornwall’s Tech Scene

Alongside our friends at Software Cornwall, we were very proud to be featured in this years Tech Nation report, further demonstrating the great progress this cluster has had over the past 5 years. As active participants in various local events, the Hertzian team have helped further push the reputation and impact of the local digital communities. Our participation in this was rewarded at Cornwall Live’s EDGE awards in November where Hertzian were awarded the Award for Excellence.

4. Working closely with Truro College to boost local talent via Apprenticeships

We’ve seen great success through our collaboration with Truro College’s Apprenticeship schemes and we continue to not only engage with new students but actively championing the model. If you are looking to scale up your team and provide valuable experience to new talent then look no further than their apprenticeship programme.

5. National Recognition

In April 2018, Hertzian were listed as one of the leading AI companies on a Governments announcement around a new AI fund. Gaining this national recognition gave the whole team a boost and is a reward for the hard work taking place every day.

6. Player XP Dashboard Revamp

Following our success in the games industry with our Player XP reporting service, we have recently released our new version of the Player XP dashboard. Aimed at Game Studios around the world, Player XP’s new dashboard provides fully automated community and customer feedback analysis. Through the use of the live dashboard, studios are able to identify the areas that matter the most to their players, anticipate player reaction change and drive innovation and change with a data-driven approach.

7. Spread the word on a global level

Not satisfied with promoting Hertzian and Cornwall digital scene on a national level, 2018 was the year where Hertzian got on a plane and took the technology international. Following trips to North America, Asia & Europe, Hertzian’s technology is now being discussed in companies and organisations around the world.

8. Growing the team

Continuing on from our growth over the first half of 2018, in September we were able to grow the team to 11 with the arrival of 3 new team members. Strengthening our development and commercial teams has allowed Hertzian to increase the output of the company even further and we’re looking forward to seeing how the team continues to grow in 2019.

9. Worked on games that were played by more than 1.67 million people this year

At Hertzian, we love video games. We also love working with game studios and in 2018 we were able to take this to a new level with Player XP’s services being used in a number of games released this year. The idea of millions of people playing something we have contributed to is an amazing feeling and something we are pushing even more in the coming year.

10. 3 years old

Hitting the 3 year mark is a key achievement for any business and it was no different for Hertzian this year as we celebrated our third birthday in August. Whilst we kept celebrations to a minimum, we know the difficulties faced by many businesses and hitting this milestone definitely means a lot to our team.

2019 looks to be another huge year for Hertzian and we’re looking forward to working more with many of our great clients and partners.

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