api integration

Easily introduce our AI tool suite with the addition of our brand-new API

The easiest and most powerful way of adding Hertzian’s technology to your platforms, products and services is through a direction integration of our API. Through adding the API to your product, you’ll be enabling your users to perform the latest in AI-powered analysis of your unstructured data. By taking control of your customer feedback through the API, you’ll be able to offer a complete, detailed breakdown of the most important topics being discussed inside your feedback.

We’ve built the API to be as friendly to developers as possible and you can get started today by beginning to pass your customer feedback directly through to the platform. Results are started to be returned as soon as data has been received allowing you to start to build a better picture of the wants and needs of your customers. Not wanting to stop at aggregating all of your data, should you require a more detailed analysis of a sub set of data, you are also able to create custom collections of feedback allowing you to segment based on demographic, geographic or product based data.

If you have any questions about how an API integration might look for your business please get in touch today.

Easy to use, cloud based API that returns straightforward results. Built by developers for developers.

Returns both sentiment and semantic analysis of any free text you pass through to the endpoint.

Complete control over your groupings gives you the ability to aggregate data based on your own custom criteria.

Results are returned within seconds enabling you to offer realtime sentiment and semantic analysis inside your products.

Our flexible pricing means you only pay for what you use. Complete control over the amount of data being processed.

Complete documentation gives you full support whilst you integrate the API into your platforms, products and services.

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