dynamic dashboards

Bring your data to life and make finding insights easier than ever before with our highly interactive dashboards

If you’re looking to utilise our platform for data analysis, you may want to consider commissioning us to build the online dashboard to display the data itself. We build their dashboards in an agile manner, regularly testing the dashboard with end users to capture feedback throughout the build process. This allows us to deliver dashboards that are not only attractive to look at but are also essential in any data science role.

Our team understands what’s needed to build such appealing dashboards and have utilised their experience on Hertzian’s own products, often leading to individual callout by clients using the dashboards praising the look and feel of the data visualisation.

We understand that time is precious and your own development team may not have the available resource to try out Hertzian’s platform, that’s where we step in. We can work with you across all stages of delivery, identifying what data to analyse, running it through the Hertzian API and designing and developing a live dashboard to visualise the end results.

Easily integrate the output of our platform and make it easy to understand for your team.

Built from the ground up for you allowing you full control of how the dashboard works and looks.

Utilising the latest advancements in online data visualisation to showcase your data and insights in ways you’ve never seen before.

High quality graphics and polish means the dashboard is ready for any presentation.

Easy to learn and super intuitive, easy to use for all team members, no matter the technical competence.

Quickly identify the most important issues at the top level or dive deep into the data, our dashboards deliver the lot.

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