Semantic Extraction

Take control of your customer feedback and find out the topics that matter the most...

Automated compiling of concepts, topics & themes from large sets of documents.

It’s great to know what your customers think about your offering but what’s even more valuable is to know what parts of your offering do people like and dislike. That’s where our Semantic Extraction comes in, by breaking apart your customer feedback our systems can automatically identify consistent topics being discussed allowing you to easily identify the subjects that matter the most to your customers.

Our technology can break apart any of your customer feedback to determine the topics that are being discussed inside your data. When combined with our sentiment analysis, this allows you to track the importance of certain features over time, identify problem areas inside the business or even adjust your marketing message to align with the points that resonate with your customers. This isn’t just a word-cloud where you’ll pick up phrases like ‘here’, our system automatically identifies parts of the text that standout and are actually being critiqued by your customers.

  • Get a 360° view of your feedback
  • Target specific areas for improvement
  • Track the most important subjects over time
  • Measure your improvement efforts
  • Identify what matters the most to your customers
  • Highlight the areas that are costing you revenue
  • Focus your marketing around the most liked/disliked areas
  • Spot areas inside your product that are effecting engagement
  • Gain a data-driven understanding of your products weak spots
  • Turn your roadmap into a data-driven roadmap
  • Know where to put development focus
  • Offer your customers an honest overview of products
  • Remove the reliance on single number/star ratings
  • Show your customers exactly what people think of their products
  • Keep your customers up to date with your improvement efforts
  • Increase engagement


This is no word cloud output, our Semantic Extraction leads the market in identifying the terms that stand out the most inside your customer feedback. Not only do identify constructive feedback but we also identify consistent topics without any human input. By adding Semantic Extraction to your data analysis offering, you’ll finally provide context to all of your insights. Yes, engagement has gone up, but why? With our Semantic Extraction technology you can find out.

Automatic topic extraction gives you a complete breakdown of the topics inside all of your customer feedback.

Group feedback together to discover consistent topics being talked about across multiple products, locations or departments.

Trained on over 60 million pieces of feedback resulting in a system that knows how customers structure their customer feedback.

Cloud based systems allow for fast results and deep analysis of multiple sets of data.

View how topics change over time when combined with sentiment analysis to give a full look at the topics that matter the most to your customers.

Completely configurable setup allows for frequency of analysis to match your budget.

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