Sentiment Analysis

Change the way you process your feedback through the introduction of state-of-the-art sentiment analysis. Helping you gain a new insight into your data...

The process of identifying opinions expressed in a piece of text, especially in order to determine positive or negative consistencies.

It’s our mission to show as many industries as possible the opportunity that sentiment analysis provides to their data analysis processes. Previously, sentiment analysis was just confined to checking for certain words but with the recent advancements in Machine Learning, this has all changed. Our technology can now recognise in milliseconds whether or not a statement is positive, negative or neutral. On top of that, it can also detect the severity of the statement allowing us to highlight the most extreme reactions inside your data. To be able to do this, we’ve trained our own Machine Learning technology on more than 60 million individual pieces of feedback.

We believe that true sentiment analysis is the final step in the feedback cycle, not only should you be gathering individual feedback but you should be able to evaluate all of your feedback in seconds, instantly knowing what you’re doing right & what you’re doing wrong. That’s where we step in, our sentiment analysis platform sits simply alongside your data collection mechanics and returns to you, a live and dynamic, aggregation of all of your customers sentiment. If you want to find out more about how our sentiment analysis platform can help your business then click on the Get In Touch button at the bottom of this page.

  • Gain a new measurable performance metric
  • Complete the feedback loop
  • Spot negative patterns before the damage is done
  • Improve your internal processes
  • Extract insight from all channels
  • Understand how customer happiness has changed over time
  • Enable a new insight for your users
  • Aggregate customer opinions
  • Monitor reaction to changes
  • Improve your product’s overall quality
  • Introduce new sentiment based features
  • Add AI & Machine Learning to your product
  • Give your customers more than just a star rating
  • Pull all of your customers opinions into one place
  • Provide customers with a metric that’s easy to understand
  • Live data aggregation represents up to date reaction metrics


We know there are a number of different sentiment solutions on the market, some coming from bigger names than us, so why do we think you chose our solution? It’s simple, we’re flexible. Our whole platform has been built to be as simple and scalable as possible, meaning less requirements on your development team to integrate and greater control over how often data is processed. This all means that you’re now able to introduce sentiment analysis to your businesses, products and services in a more streamlined manner reducing both time and cost resources.

Take advantage of a highly accurate system, trained on over 60 million pieces of individual customer feedback.

All of our technology has been built on a highly scalable and powerful infrastructure resulting in superfast sentiment analysis.

Dynamic grouping technology allows you to monitor individual sets of data allowing for easy comparison over time.

Utilising the cloud based infrastructure allows you to add sentiment analysis to your product quicker than ever before.

Dramatically reduce your team’s workload through the introduction of Hertzian’s automated systems.

Easily provide data through direct integration to your BI platforms, the wild of the Internet or from offline spreadsheets.

Our sentiment analysis has been built from the ground-up to focus purely on understanding customer feedback. As well as training our system on customer feedback, the algorithms behind the sentiment analysis are also skewed towards understanding the way customers leave feedback. This allows our results to have a higher average accuracy than that of other systems whilst also maintaining the scalability required by businesses looking to leverage the new insights.

  • Boasts an accuracy rating higher than many competitors
  • Isn’t reliant on keyword tagging
  • Instantly recognises sentiment within body of text
  • Returns severity of sentiment
  • Trained entirely on customer feedback
  • Underlying algorithms continuously monitored and trained based on new data
  • Understands the structure in which customers leave feedback
  • Returns sentiment rating between 100 (very positive) & -100 (very negative)
  • User feedback fed back into system increasing accuracy

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