Junior Full Stack Developer

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What We're Looking For...

We are looking for a Junior Full Stack Developer to join an existing team of developers to work on cloud based solutions.

What You'll Do

This Junior Full Stack Software Developer role will suit someone who is looking for a fresh and exciting challenge. The work you will undertake will include Front end and Back end development across a wide range of systems including Databases, Server architecture, micro services, and web app development.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Rapidly learn company systems and processes.
  • Help create documentation and set standards of quality.
  • Create and build on internal reporting tools as well as building on functionality across multiple points of the stack.
  • Work closely with your colleagues in offering system support and advice.
Qualifications & Experience Required:
  • Relevant industry or programming experience. Diploma in a relevant software degree or similar experience is helpful but not required.
  • Some experience with working with cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Gcloud , etc)
  • Some experience with automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery
  • 1-3 + years industry experience
Our Technology Stack
Amazon Web Services Products
EC2 (desirable),
Elastic Beanstalk (desirable),
RDS (desirable),
Elasticsearch service (desirable),
SQS (desirable),
Cloudwatch (desirable),
S3 (desirable),
Lambda (desirable)
Machine Learning
Keras (desirable),
Tensorflow (desirable),
Scikit-learn (desirable)
PHP (desirable)
Elasticsearch (desirable),
NoSQL document stores  (e.g Solr, Lucene),
postgreSQL or other SQL variants
Further Details
£20,000 - £35,000 p.a depending on experience
Seniority Level:
Working Alongside:
Chief Information Officer
Application Deadline:
Open until position is filled.
To apply, click the "Apply" button below or email hr@hertzian.co.uk
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