It’s our belief that advanced technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can revolutionise the way businesses operate. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this cutting edge technology and believe the products we produce will help demonstrate its transformative power. Whether it’s producing technology that can help businesses see their customers in a completely new light or building applications to help predict future market trends, Hertzian’s technology competes at the highest level and is improving every day.


We are not your typical technology company. Our aim is to prove that, in the modern age, industry leading companies can be built outside of the main clusters. We are based in Cornwall, a county typically reliant on seasonal income and it’s our belief that Hertzian can be a catalyst for change in this beautiful part of the world. We want to…

  • Attract the best talent from around the world
  • Unearth hidden local talent
  • Work closely with educational institutes to develop tomorrow’s thought leaders
  • Build technology that rivals the major competition
  • Help turn our part of the world into one of the brightest technology clusters around
  • Be an example to any other budding entrepreneurs, demonstrating that location is not the be all and end all.
Our core skills

At Hertzian we pride ourselves on our diverse set of skills. Our team are keen to take on new challenges and as such, have developed a broad range of experience working with a vast amount of technologies. Innovation is a core part of our business and the team are adaptable and ready to work on any problem that may be put to them.

Whether it’s Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning or Regression Algorithms, our team understand the current AI scene and know where best to put it to practice.
We have a deep understanding of multiple data collection mechanics ranging from direct integration to third party tools to building powerful web crawlers.
Hertzian’s data team have a vast amount of experience working with multiple data storage solutions including SQL & NoSQL setups.
What use would be all this data without insightful visualisation, that’s why the team understand when, where & why certain insights should be presented.
Have a project in mind?

Still led by the original 4 founders, our team have grown over the years into a diverse team with a wide range of skills.

Chief Executive Officer

With a focus on products, data and the application of Hertzian’s technology, Garry helps direct the company’s long-term vision.

Chief Information Officer

Andy pushes the Hertzian technology stack forward and prides himself on ensuring all of our products run as smoothly as possible.

Chief Operating Officer

As the company grows, it’s Chris’s responsibility to ensure operations scale efficiently and all angles are considered as we move forward.

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