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Understanding the changing needs of your customers is key to driving your business forward. It’s now easier than ever to find out the exact wants and needs of your customers. We offer businesses an affordable, scalable and highly accurate set of tools that allow you to isolate the feedback that matters the most.

why work with us?

Gain a 360° Customer View

Through the use of our platform you can, for the first time ever, have a full view of your feedback.

Anticipate Needs Quickly

Easily identify the top wants & needs direct from your customers, staff and others.

Improve Your Processes

Pinpoint and action consistent feedback related to your company processes.

Measurable Metrics

Give your qual data a measurable metric for side by side comparison with your quant results.



Our scalable, friendly platform can automatically gather data from the internet for you or can easily integrate with your own storage solutions.



Simply pass through your free text customer feedback and our platform will start to break it apart isolating the sentiment of key topics being discussed.



If needed, our team of expert designers can work with you to produce dynamic dashboards featuring the latest in data visualisation techniques.



Quickly pinpoint actionable insights from your data allowing your team to get to work utilising the feedback to improve your offering.


We’re helping change the culture of a traditionally paper based industry by introducing our technology into patient feedback. Our systems can process thousands of patient surveys in seconds, giving actionable output to health care administrators.
Consumer Retail
Identifying the mass market views to certain products is essential for the retail space and our technology can provide that with industry benchmarking and other free text analytics.
Financial Services
Our technology has helped businesses inside the financial services industry monitor and evaluate the performance of many of their processes.
We enable studios inside the games industry to easily identify changes in the reaction of their players for new releases, patches and any other external factors. Our platform also allows new games the ability to spot player demand for certain features.
A perfect fit, businesses inside the hospitality industry utilise our platform to perform an analysis on all of their customer feedback to determine where in their offering services can be improved.
Being able to track customer happiness across models can be difficult for businesses in the automotive industry, with our platform integrated, not only can they track overall sentiment but also sentiment dependent on individual topics.
Your Industry?
We’re always looking to help improve other industries with our platform, if you work in an industry not listed above and want to see how we can help, get in touch today.


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