Our Background

Founded in 2015, we are an AI and product company that focuses on the analysis of free-text across a wide range of customer channels. Based in Cornwall, England, we create platforms using the latest Machine Learning technology and Cloud infrastructure that provides never seen before customer insights for organisations around the world.

Started as part of Falmouth Universities Launchpad programme, we were born after the founding team saw a clear need for organisations to be able to capture and understand the vast amounts of data being posted online daily about their products and services.

Since 2015, the team has grown but we remain dedicated to ensuring our clients have the best experience and receive real value from our analysis.

With an experienced, tight-knit team, our sole-focus on analysing customer feedback has seen us become a well-known service inside the games industry and an emerging service to organisations elsewhere. With a global community of clients, our products and services are helping transform the way businesses view their customers.

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Our Team

Alongside our leadership team, we've built a strong team of experts in their own fields including...
Software engineers
Our in-house team of engineers are responsible for the development and maintenance of our platform, it's underlying systems and product dashboards.
Data collection
Working closely with all departments of our team, our data scientists help understand the large volumes of data we capture each day.
Hertzian UX
UX & Data
Responsible for ensuring all output of our platform is clear and easy to understand, our UX & Data Designers ensure our products provide real value.
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