A suite of tools built to understand Digital Discussion

Multi-Channel Collection

Our system has been built to be platform-agnostic meaning that any text data you collect  can be integrated & processed through the platform.

Data sources

Grouping & Theme Recognition

Being able to group by theme or subject matter is a key part of our platform. With our technology, we give you the control to ensure the subjects being grouped align with your internal workflow and parameters.

Powerful Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Trained on your data, our sentiment analysis systems boast market-leading accuracy levels and allows for sentiment to be assigned at a comment, theme or topic level.

Sentiment analysis
Semantic Analysis

Topic Extraction

Goodbye manual keyword tagging. Through a combination of AI and statistical analysis, our technology surfaces the most significant topics being discussed within your community and provides an
in-depth analysis of what's being said.

Topic analysis
Results Orientated

We Win When You Succeed

We pride ourselves on being more than just a software platform. No matter how small the project, we will work alongside your team to ensure success.

Encouraging success

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See Our Platform In Action!

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