Online Community

Master your Online Community.

Analyse your customer interactions across all of your community channels to understand what is and isn't working.


Master your online community.

Understanding the changing needs of your customers is key to driving your business forward.

Customer feedback

Measure Community

Analyse community feedback to understand how your customers feel.
Magnifying glass

Quantify Problem Areas

Locate the biggest issues affecting your product or service.
Trends in digital community

Understand What's

Get ahead of the trends building within your digital community.
Change effectiveness graph

Track The Impact
of Change

Track change effectiveness and increase the visibility of customer opinion.

See Our Platform In Action!

Curious about the UK's response to Working from Home during the Pandemic? Read our brand new report looking at Twitter data from the last 12 months.


Our Platform

How we work with you

Data Collection

Working alongside you, our platform can go to where your customers are, creating a centralised collection of all your free-text customer interactions.

Centralised collection of interactions

Understanding the Conversation

Our AI platform can be trained on your data, allowing the underlying systems to understand the context of the discussion taking place within your customer data.

AI platform

Analysing Each Interaction

Each comment inside our system is assigned key retention metrics including sentiment and subject discussion area providing easy recall at any time.

Data insights

Providing Real Results

Compiled together, the results from our
platform provide you with a full picture of the customer opinion of your product or service.

Data visualisation

Use Cases

Good Customer experience

Customer Experience

Build a 360° CX view of your service and understand pain points throughout your customer journey.
Product Improvement

Product Improvement

Quickly locate issues with your product or service and track improvements once changes are made.
Community Management

Community Management

Unify all of your community engagements into one place and see key conversations.
Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking

Measure your sentiment and other retention metrics against key competitors.

Who we have worked with

We have worked with a wide range of amazing leaders and innovators around the world, helping them unify their digital communities to find real insights.

From Our Blog

Hertzian Team
Founded in 2015, we are a fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) company that filters free-text so you don’t have to. Growing from the Falmouth University Launchpad Incubator, we have been able to expand our rich skillset into the friendly team we have today. Our development team is highly trained in Data Analytics, Infographics, Big Data, Data Aggregation, Web Applications, and Natural Language Processing. Whatever the weather, we have got you covered.
Hertzian Team
Hertzian present at the Tech Connect event alongside companies and individuals in Cornwall who are interested in AI.
Hertzian Team
Announcing the release of our brand new report examining the UK’s reaction to enforced Working from Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Change The Way You See Your Community.