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Hertzian is seeking an experienced Systems Developer to join our dynamic team. As a Systems Developer, you will play a crucial role indesigning, developing, and maintaining system-level software that powers ourcutting-edge products and services. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of our software solutions and contribute to enhancing the performance, security, and reliability of our systems.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Design, develop, and maintain system-level software components to data pipelines and access to products and services.
  • Collaborate with team members,and other stakeholders to ensure effective integration of system software intoour products and services.
  • Optimize system software for performance, responsiveness, and resource utilization, addressing performance bottlenecks as needed.
  • Debug and troubleshoot complex software and hardware issues, ensuring timely resolution to maintain system stability and reliability.
  • Implement security mechanisms and protocols to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our systems and data.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of virtualization and containerization technologies to optimize resource allocation and isolation.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive testing strategies, including unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing, to ensure software quality.
  • Document system software architecture, design decisions, APIs, and usage instructions to facilitate knowledge sharing and team collaboration.
  • Stay updated with emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices in systems software development, bringing innovative ideas to the team.
  • Provide emergency response and troubleshooting support for critical system failures or security incidents.
  • Collaborate in code reviews tomaintain code quality, adherence to coding standards, and continuous improvement of the codebase.
Qualifications & Experience Required:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. Master's degree is a plus.
  • 3-5 years of experience as a Systems Developer or similar role.
  • Proficiency in  our stack technologies (Python, SQL,Elasticearch/Opensearch or other NoSQL).
  • Familiarity with virtualization and containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, hypervisors).
  • Solid understanding of security concepts and practices related to systems software.
  • Experience with version control systems and collaborative development workflows.
  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills, with a meticulous attention to detail.
  • Strong communication and teamwork abilities to work effectively in a cross-functional environment.
  • Experience with the creation and Management ofCI/CD pipelines (Desirable)
  • Contribution to open-source projects related tosystems software development. (Desirable)
Further Details
£27,200 - £30,000
Cornwall - Hertzian head office Truro.
Seniority Level:
Working Alongside:
Chief Technology Officer
Application Deadline:
Open until position is filled.
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