AI & AUT Expo Budapest

February 20, 2023

Hertzian CEO Christopher Weavill & Data Scientist David Dixon, attended the AI & AUT Expo in Budapest, Hungary representing the British Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. The expo was a two-day event on Local, Regional and European Technology and Innovation in AI and Autonomous Systems.

AI Expo

Chris had the amazing opportunity to speak at the expo as part of the UK delegation, giving a presentation on AI and Natural Language Processing. In his speech, Chris highlighted the importance of developing and investing in AI technology and how the commercialisation of AI research can drive economic growth and development in the country and region.

UK Delegation @ AI Expo

Hertzian uses AI and NLP to analyse community feedback data more efficiently and accurately than ever before. We provide our partners with community data from a range of online data sources so that they can get a better understanding of their communities and make impactful decisions.

Hertzian NLP Suite

We deliver this data to our partners and clients using a visualisation method that allows them to benefit from the insights and extract the data so they can use it in a more meaningful way.

Finally, Hertzian would like to give a big thank you for being invited to the AI & AUT Expo and allowed to not only speak but also learn from others' presentations about the latest developments in AI in the region. It was a pleasure to meet the other UK delegates and everyone else who attended.

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February 20, 2023
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