Hertzian Present at Tech Connect Event Cornwall

January 25, 2022

On January 18th 2022 the Tech Connect event was in full force, bringing together Cornish experts and enthusiasts in AI (Artificial Intelligence). It was an Interesting day held at the Fibre Hub, full of inspiring information and fabulous food by Nimbus Kitchen. Software Cornwall gave companies seeking to learn about AI a chance to connect in person after a difficult couple of years for everyone.

Hertzian Tech Connect
Andrew Husband Presenting at Tech Connect Cornwall

AI in Education, Homelessness and Space

There was a wide range of interest in AI attending the event including AI in space, healthcare, supporting the homeless, modern mining, measuring data-sentiment and empowering people with AI in education. Each presentation had something completely different to bring to the table. To begin, our very own CIO Andrew Husband introduced everyone to the basics of what AI is and the main tasks it can achieve in the working environment. He also gave you an insight into how AI can be applied day to day, in local businesses. It was wonderful to gain interest and positive feedback from our presentation supporting AI understanding.

Looking down another avenue, you have Hi9 with an app for the less fortunate seeking help with housing forms and food banks. They have thought about the QR codes being environmentally friendly, and the app being personable. Not a person as to avoid challenges around judgement and peer pressure. Showing everyone how AI can be beneficial and thoughtful in a proactive manner, opens doors to show how smaller companies can advance their services using AI.

Leaving earth, AI data can start a wave across a variety of business sectors to benefit all. Speaking to James Fairbairn from Aerospace Cornwall it was interesting to hear how this can be done using AI in space. The launch of satellites will provide data we can use to benefit the environment, as well as putting Cornwall on the map for AI and space technology.

Tech Connect
Tech Connect Panel 2022

AI Question Time with the Panel

In between presentations, we had the pleasure to talk to a panel made up of Tania Duarte (We and AI Co-founder), Walter (Hi9 Data Scientist) and Mark Tindal (Bright Cloud Group). The panel had the ability to balance your opinion on AI used around the world, with honest and carefully thought responses. An open discussion brings up the Ethics of AI and how it can be applied in a variety of roles, around the world. Thoughts came up on how AI in education could be introduced earlier in order to improve our current knowledge and perception of the benefits of AI.

"It is predicted that 1.3 million UK businesses will use AI by 2040" (Chloe Rickard, Tech Connect event, 18/01/22).

Hertzian would like to thank Software Cornwall for putting together such a rewarding day. It was great to see so many old and new faces who have already been mentioned, as well as Cllr. Richard Pearsnet for sharing how AI can aid Cornwall Council tasks, and Toby Parkins from Headforwards, introducing to many how AI is used to remove people from high risk jobs. It was also great to hear from; Robert Wiltshire from Gateway into Tech, Bethany Allen from Skills Hub, Vicky Hunter from Tech Nation, Nathan Jeffrey from Digital Transformation and Nikki Davies who introduced throughout the day on behalf of Software Cornwall.

The team at Hertzian enjoyed reconnecting with local businesses to discuss the variety of uses of AI. It was a great way to start the year and we are looking forward to the next one.

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January 25, 2022
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