Turbocharge Your Marketing with AI: Insights from Hertzian’s Head of Marketing

May 29, 2024

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As a previous founder I know the issues to juggling ten million things, and know that more time needs to be spent on marketing and outreach to develop the sales pipeline. However with limited resources, the ability to capitalise on AI tools is certainly not going to go amiss!

As we gear up for the AI Summit by Hertzian, I had a fantastic chat with Hertzian’s Head of Marketing Jenesee Grey about how AI is revolutionising marketing  strategies. If you’re curious about how AI can turbocharge your marketing, the upcoming AI summit workshops will be perfect, with two leading experts, Simon Vincent from KAIAKO and Mike Bee from Big Box Marketing.

1. How has Hertzian leveraged AI to improve its marketing? Can you share any specific examples or success stories?

At Hertzian, we know AI has its perks and challenges in the marketing world. We use AI to spruce up the text and grammar in our blogs and social media posts. When it comes to visuals, though, we love to highlight real artists and their amazing work. To keep things transparent, we stamp our posts to show when AI art is used—though that’s rare because human-created content just hits different. Our community loves this clarity and supports our commitment to real artistry.

📝 Example: Every time we use AI, we mark it with a stamp. This keeps our audience in the loop and builds trust. They really appreciate our transparency and authenticity.

2. What are your top tips to use AI to help develop a brand?

Data is a total game-changer for brand development. We’ve seen how new AI tools can automate ad buying, run A/B tests, and do audience segmentation. At Hertzian, we created PlayerXP, a machine learning tool for social listening that helps us gauge audience sentiment around video games. It’s our favourite AI tool because it gives us real-time insights to refine our marketing strategies.

💡 Tip: Use AI to automate the repetitive stuff and get deep insights into what your audience thinks. This can seriously boost your brand development efforts.

3. In what ways has AI improved customer engagement and satisfaction at Hertzian?

We’re always on the hunt for ways to make our tech more efficient and user-friendly. PlayerXP, our sentiment analysis tool, provides developers with valuable insights into what players love or hate about their games. This helps developers make smart improvements, boosting player satisfaction and engagement.

📊 Metrics: Thanks to PlayerXP, we can easily track player feedback, which helps us connect better with our audience. This has built a stronger, more engaged community.

4. Looking ahead, what are some emerging AI trends or technologies that you believe will further revolutionise marketing?

I’m super excited about the Beta for Sora. As someone who manages video and trailer editing for our Commercial team, having a faster way to resize and reformat videos will streamline our workflow. Plus, the extra colour-correcting features are awesome. This will let our editors focus on more critical projects, boosting our productivity.

🚀 Future Trend: AI tools like Sora are set to make video editing quicker and more efficient, revolutionising our workflow.

5. What are you most excited for in the AI summit?

I can’t wait to hear Michael Gadd from Blue Bear Aviation talk about AI’s role in navigation, safety testing, and aircraft use. It’s mind-blowing to think about how far-reaching this tech can be, even for pilots!

🌟 Excitement: The AI Summit will showcase how AI is transforming industries like aviation, highlighting its incredible potential.

Hearing from Hertzian's Head of Marketing shows just how powerful AI can be in transforming marketing. If you’re eager to learn more and see AI in action, join in the conversation at the AI Summit by Hertzian. Industry leaders and AI experts will share their insights and strategies, giving you the tools to stay ahead in the digital marketing game.

Written by Tanuvi Ethunandan

Product Manager at Hertzian

Post Originally Published On:
May 29, 2024
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