Hertzian - DAQA Partnership

December 11, 2019

Hertzian announces new partnership with DAQA, bringing cutting edge Player XP solution to the US

UK-based Artificial Intelligence technology company Hertzian are pleased to announce their new partnership with US-based agency DAQA.

Hertzian helps a range of companies to understand the changing needs of their customers, a key to driving business forward. With Hertzian’s games focused platform, Player XP, it is now easier than ever to find out the exact needs of customers by isolating the player feedback that matters the most.

DAQA provide strategic consultancy for video games and sports, alongside representation of companies providing tools, technologies and services that empower game development and publishing. This partnership with Hertzian is the perfect fit.

Ben Wibberley, Managing Partner at DAQA, says:

When I first saw the reporting that can be generated by the Player XP technology I was blown away by what it can do and the huge benefits that it brings to all aspects of game development, as well as the potential for what it offers for QA, player support and live operations. Rather than teams having to manually trawl through multiple forums to capture and analyze huge amounts of data, the Player XP solution can do that automatically to free up your teams and to keep your development agile. Business intelligence is crucial with games being run as live operations and to have a platform that provides player sentiment analysis in real-time is amazing. I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent, advise and work with the very talented team at Player XP.

Garry Barter, CEO of Hertzian adds:

We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with Ben and DAQA, we see a clear progression of our Player XP solution through this partnership and believe that by bringing Ben’s experience and expertise in, Player XP can be taken to a whole new level. After working with Ben for a short time, his knowledge of the industry is clear and the team at Hertzian are very excited to see where this new partnership leads.

Key features of Player XP are:

  • Automated monitoring of multiple online community discussion channels.
  • Identification and data analysis of subjects that matter the most to your players.
  • Monitor impact to player sentiment when making changes to your game.
  • Highlight and track frequent bugs and issues being discussed by player communities.
  • Provides on-going monitoring alongside real-time reporting and dashboarding.

The partnership between Hertzian’s industry leading AI and DAQA’s commitment to providing the best tools and solutions to the entertainment sector, represents a huge opportunity for companies across the US to gain more powerful and meaningful player and fan feedback in real time.

To find out more about how Player XP can help your studio, get in touch today.

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September 26, 2017
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